Sunny Technology announces S-8*** new-generation series

来源: Sunny      时间:2011.12.01

BEIJING, Dec. 1, 2011 -- Sunny Technology announces first delivery of 3rd-generation series of galvanometers and galvo-based systems with better performance characteristics. Our previous TS-8*** series is since now only available for repair works, no longer available for sale. A newer, TSH-8*** series has gained customer’s recognition thanks to its speed and accuracy characteristics and still comprises a big share of Sunny’s offer. The main focuses of the new version’s innovation are higher speeds, lower drifts and better torque performances. Galvo-scanner S-8107 supports apertures of 3, 5, and 7mm and is mostly suitable for laser display and laser therapy applications. S-8210 supports apertures of 9 and 10mm and is suitable for marking, marking-on-the-fly and laser therapy applications. S-8316 supports 12 and 14mm apertures and is suitable for a wide range of industrial material processing applications, such as marking, cutting, drilling, trimming, rapid prototyping. S-8650 supports 30 and 40 mm apertures and is suitable of marking, welding, cutting, drilling, trimming, rapid prototyping, image scanning.

All the products in the series can be built into affordable systems with the help of currently used SD-1000 driver board.

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China-located enterprise Sunny Technology is a developer and manufacturer of galvanometer-based scanning systems and their components. We serve OEM customers around the world who need solutions in industrial, medical, imaging and research applications.


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