Repair service

One of Sunny Technology's advantage is fast, friendly service.

All products purchased from Sunny Technology have to undergo a rigorous testing and pre-sale inspection, we guarantee the product either in production or is not defective material. If you find the product quality defects, please contact us.

Warranty terms

We repair the warranty period is 12 months.

The scope of warranty is limited to my company product repair or replacement.

  • please note we are only responsible for repair by Sunny Technology products.
  • repair issues in our company.

Usually complete repair in two weeks. In some cases, replacement parts if it is difficult to obtain, the repair period will be extended accordingly, but we will inform you in advance.

Warranty period from the date of the factory (product delivery date) to date.

Some parts may have different conditions of warranty. Please refer to the relevant instructions.

Failure Report procedure

  1. Make sure the problem resides in our product by referring to the specifications listed in the product documentation.
  2. If the problem persists, contact us online by filling out a Failure Report. Our support team will contact you within 24 hours.
  3. If no solution can be reached, prepare the product for repair and ship it back.
  4. When shipping, use the original packaging materials to ensure that the product is protected; electronic components should be placed in the appropriate antistatic package.
  5. All products will be carefully inspected for possible damage and fine-tuned. We reserve the right to charge for the check and diagnosis even if no repair works are performed.

Telephone customer service: +86 10 82951910

Product failure report Download


Instructions for use: for accurate fault location, improve the repair efficiency,Sunny Technology for users with the fault report form, can be completed directly send it to the Sunny Technology service mailbox:, or download the correct fill in and print with the repair product back to the Sunny Technology.